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nature of Russia

BelApple is a farm company, founded in 2017 in Belgorod region of Russia. Our mission is to revive old Russian traditions of growing natural, environmentally friendly Apples, Pears and Cherries.

We have planted 692 acres (280 ha) of young gardens up to date. In 2018 we have small farms of the region into a production cooperative with the aim of increasing the culture of production, sharing experience and mutual assistance. Today we have the best varieties of perfectly looking Apples with amazing juicy taste that is popular in the global market. Over the next three years, another 1038 acres (420 ha) of orchards shall be planted, and now we are ready to take into account your wishes as our potential partner in choosing the preferred varieties of Apples.

The firs sapling 16 may 2018

We are open to cooperation and welcoming you to our crystal garden!