The philosophy of our company pushes us to ever seek new projects whose goal is to improve man's quality of life and his to better his health. One of such projects is our preparation for launching an exclusive product — juice made from fresh shoots of wheat, called "Vitgras". We are not deeply involved in academic research of the phenomenon of vitality that lies in this magical product. We are absolutely convinced that our explorations will lead us to a noble goal, and we offer our partners to reach this goal together.

International research supports the useful properties of "Vitgras

1. Natural enhancement of vitality — a natural tonic, a source of amino acids; does not require the organism to expend energy on producing proteins.

2. Improving the immune system — strengthens the cells, removes toxins (including those in the liver), increases the number of red blood cells.

3. Activation of organism — restores blood alkalinity, protects and restores the liver, neutralises external contaminants.

4. Fighting obesity — contains selenium and calcium, protects the thyroid (the natural tool of controlling the weight of the body), maintains the optimal balance of liquid in the body, improves metabolism.

5. Control of sugar levels in the blood — stimulates the production of insulin, enhances the level of glucose and lipids in the blood, helps combat diabetes.

6. Useful for the well-being of the heart — cleans up the vascular walls, lowers the arterial pressure, normalises the cholesterol level.

7. Protection from cancer — creates an alkaline environment in the organism, preventing the formation of cancerous cells; is rich in chlorophyll; is a potent antioxidant.

8. Improvement of blood circulation — raises the amount of oxygen and erythrocytes, normalises the number of thrombocytes in the blood.

9. Maintenance of oral cavity health — antibacterial properties fight tooth decay; vitamins A, E, and the minerals of iron, magnesium, and calcium keep the teeth healthy.

10. Fighting bodily odours — balances the amount of acids and toxins in the blood, reducing excessive perspiration; the chlorophyll helps remove toxins and bacteria that cause odours.

As we study the properties of this "elixir of life" more thoroughly, this list keeps growing and causing more and more interest all over the world.