Pure products -
symbiosis of wildlife
and modern technology

Belgorod region is located in the Western part of central Russia. This region is blessed with the most fertile soils in the world – black ground. These lands are naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, which allows Russian farmers to grow environmentally friendly fruits and vegetables. Applying modern irrigation technologies using clean river water, our company gets high harvests with zero artificial growth stimulation, which is the case in most regions of the world. Our orchards are pollinated by bees, and this is the main indicator of the purity of our fruits.

BelApple is a unique company that combines modern world gardening technologies and treasures of Russian living nature.
Advantages of our products:
- unique mild climate;
- fertile black earth;
- clean river water for irrigation;
- natural pollination by bees;
- hand care and collection;
- high-tech storage.